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Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is more than just stuffing keywords into your meta description and calling it a day.  There is so much more to do visually on your web page, but even more to do off page, or behind the scenes.  Having your site, coded and mapped correctly is key to helping google understand your business.  If Google can understand who you are, and what your company does, it can help to show your website as the top result when consumers are looking for you, or your service. 


Using free SEO tools online is great to see how your entire website, or web page is performing right now, but not so great when you are trying to decide where to go next, or how to get better rankings on Google or Bing. 


Multiple locations can be great for business, but not so great for your SEO. If customers are getting confused on what location they are looking at online, or what number to call, you may want look at your websites search results.


Website structure and SEO best practices can be key in getting the right location to show in the search result. Where the consumer is when searching, if they add "near me" (which is increasing in searches all the time), or if they are looking for in another location, you want to make sure the right web page, and contact information,show on the top of Google's search results to provide the best user experience for the consumer. And ultimately gain more business!

Now that we have all this data, what do we do with it?  

Always be testing!  Using the data we have available to us we can make educated guesses on what we should be testing on and what the test can contain.   For example, if we see our lead submissions are not as high as we would like, we can take a look at the lead process and see what consumers are doing.  Are they falling off on a certain page, are they getting to the end of the process and not submitting?  We can then take those insights we learn and test different language on different pages, or take a page out if we can combine it with another one, or something as simple as the color and placement of a button can have a massive effect on lead submissions, and conversation rates!